Wearable Concealed Weapons Detection

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We are committed to maximizing the protection of people using innovative and proprietary technologies

The Tutelare Corporation


The Tutelare Corporation is a USA based company that combines new technology development capabilities, industrial design, system integration, access to financial programs and has a network of top-level international contacts. The Tutelare Corporation expects to offer complete and highly competitive products, solutions and services.

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The Tutelare Corporation has partnered with an Italian private limited liability company with highly qualified personnel, EN-ISO 9001:2008* and EN-9100** Certified and specializing in the design and manufacture of Microwave Systems & Devices, bringing over 20 years of Experience and Proven Track Record for designing and building high level electronics, sensors and mechanical devices for Space, Defense and Security Industries.

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Our Wearable Concealed Weapons Detection technology is for wide-ranging systems (devices and software) using Fixed and Wearable Short Range Detectors identifying threats from people with a fever or carrying Weapons


The wearable WFWDs provide mobile threat detection perfect for body guards, security guards, and law enforcement. The fixed WFWDs can help secure events and buildings such as churches, airports, synagogues, schools, malls, sports stadiums, public events and crowded areas. 

bodyguard protecting his employer walking to the car
security guard shining a flashlight down a hall
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Our systems are designed with modular architecture scalable to match customer needs in multi-entry points


System conceived on active, very low power (less than a mobile phone), wearable or fixed sensor imaging technology developed in our Rome, Italy research labs. 


Evolving / Deep learning technology (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance sensor fidelity and decision hierarchy.

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Wearable Concealed Weapons Detection Systems Can be Used to Detect:

  • Hand Guns, Explosives (metallic and non- metallic) & Assault Rifles.
  • Hand weapons such as knives (ceramic & metallic).
  • Detectable through layered clothing, purses, bags, backpacks in any weather conditions.
  • Detection of people with high body temperature (fever detection).
automatic weapons and handguns with bullets on table
man with a knife in his hand
man taking a handgun out of a backpack
People in masks on a crowded street
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How it Works

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3 police officers in tactical vests on the corner of a street

Enhanced Law Enforcement Safety

Our system could alert security or police to the possibility of a threat and enable them to confirm the nature of the threat at the site and take appropriate action. In autonomous mode, our systems would provide an automated deterrent response.  For example, the system could be programmed to automatically respond to every threat detected over a specified level of risk by projecting a sound wave over the human pain threshold targeted at the source of the threat to prevent entry into a building or safe area and permit a safer interception by a reaction team.

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Sample protype weapons detection glasses

The Technology is Here...Today

We have developed a prototype of a wearable WFWD unit that is capable of scanning an area up to 10 meters from the sensor and in an arc of 45 degrees to detect the presence and shape of objects with metal content, whether concealed or otherwise, and to display the shape of that object through a digital screen or a visor. 

We expect our fixed mounted sensors to be able to scan to 50 meters ( 164 feet) or more.

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