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Invest now in the Tutelare Corporation, a proud American Company based in Colorado, and Help bring the Protection of Wearable Concealed Weapon Detection to our Security Forces and Venues quicker. We can all make a difference, Together. 

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Global Homeland Security projects to experience significant growth in the next few years growing to a combined spending of $606B in 2024! The Tutelare Corporation's operational mobile/wearable prototype is fully capable of detecting concealed weapons, displaying the threat through the eyeglasses of the technology wearer and onto the common operational picture of a command center. The unique nature of the wearable technology allows threat collectors to operate in and around potential targets with no abnormal signature, reducing the risk of being compromised by potential threats. 

Detection Capabilities:

WFWD Possible Features:

Business Model:

Our goal is to become the top supplier of area coverage weapons detection technology worldwide. A brand that instills safety, protection, and confidence amongst the people.

We intend to initially target high profile, large events/areas with high security needs in order to establish our brand and reputation through the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Detection sensors offered on a small fee per ticket basis, bundled into the overall ticket price

In the United States, there are 250 venues with capacities greater than 18,000 persons.

Investment Opportunities...
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