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Terrorism, crime, and random acts of violence are most often committed with weapons that are concealed by the users until they are employed. The ability to detect these concealed weapons has been challenging, as weapons screening is typically conducted at access or entry control points. Limited or no access control screening, and the ability for bad actors to move unconstrained, provides for little deterrence against bringing concealed weapons to target locations.

In order to mitigate these risks, Tutelare has created a proprietary technology to expand and enhance law enforcement, military and public/private security’s ability to detect concealed weapons in a fixed or mobile environment.

Tutelare’s technology prioritizes and enhances safety, providing a new detection capability that can be used as a stand alone technology or as part of a larger layered defense to mitigate and remediate personnel risks at large venues, military bases, government buildings, malls, schools, places of worship, and businesses.

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